1975 Fender Precision Bass USA Sunburst with Rosewood Neck


1975 Fender Precision Bass which is finished in 3 tone sunburst with a rosewood neck. This bass is an excellent player with a killer classic Fender Precision Bass sound

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1975 Fender Precision Bass which is finished in 3 tone sunburst with a rosewood neck.

This bass is in excellent overall condition with normal playing wear for an instrument of this age. The rosewood neck is easy to play and the frets are in excellent shape showing virtually no pitting. The bass has no unplayable chips or dings in the neck. The body has aged showing the classic Precision Bass look and has very fine lacquer checking on the front and back.  The top horn has a few chips and scrapes as does the lower horn.  At the bottom edge of the bass has a number of chips which have come over years of playing. The tip of the tortoiseshell guard has a crack by the output jack. All this can be seen in the photo section. The pots dates are 1974 Serial number dates this to 1975.The pickups are original and have been rewound in the past and the bass has both covers and thumb rest. The bass body is made from ash and weighs 9.26 lbs.

For those of you who are familiar with early 1970 Precision basses you will know that they relied on silver foil to provide the grounding. This is not a great idea as the foil tends to come detached at the jack socket end with normal wear over the years and you get plenty of hum when this happens. So as this bass is a gigging instrument it has been grounded across the tone controls as well. This was a common recommendation by guitar techs so you will not get any of these issue with this bass.

Sound wise this bass delivers the classic Jamerson sound especially with flatwound strings.I  would normally use La Bella strings on this bass which sound excellent for Motown. For all other musical styles I have used Rotosound swing bass as they give the classic Rock and Blues sound that really cuts through the mix. I personally love the feel and the sound of early to mid-1970 Precision basses and this is one of my favourite basses from this era as is one great playing and sounding old Fender Precision. This basses has had a full set up and has been restrung with Rotosound swing bass 45-105

Additional information




Precision bass

Year Produced

1975 in USA


Excellent normal playing wear with scrapes and chips




Rosewood neck


Passive original rewound Precision bass pickups


Both covers and thumb rest


9.26 lbs


Modern ABS 4 Latch Case


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