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myguitars4u.com is my personal site which is set up to sell my own personal instruments and accessories which I have amassed over 40 years of playing. I have decided not to consign my collection to a music shop as I feel that I can give you a better and more personal service and a better insight into each instrument. Each instrument has been bought for  it’s sound and playability and for what it brings to the table. In the late 1970’s great music shops were all around London and the home counties. Many hours where spent on a Saturday morning in Blanks of Kilburn before our then regular pilgrimage upto London’s Denmark Street, Shaftesbury Avenue and Tottenham Court Road to drool over the stacks of great gear that was available. People in these stores where always knowledgeable and very helpful. I hope by setting up this web site myguitars4you.com that you find something of interest and I can pass on some of the knowledge and take these instruments on a new musical adventure.

About my collection

My entire collection is made up of instruments that I have carefully selected for playability and sound. These instruments offer exceptional playability and have been maintained by the Industries top luthiers, the majority of which have been in the hands of Bill Puplett. I have taken great care in the descriptions to give you all the information that you need. If there is something that I am unsure about then I have checked the facts with respected industry figures.  My principle instrument is bass guitar and I have been lucky enough to own many vintage and exclusive high end brands over the years.The instruments that are listed here are the instruments that I have kept and have become my instruments of choice. All of the bass guitars will sit perfectly within the mix and have been kept for their specific sound qualities.The best advice that I ever received on my bass buying journey was from a bass player in a Jazz band that I saw in a club in North London in 1983. I was thinking of buying an high end custom made bass from the bass centre in London. I could see that he was an excellent player so I asked his opinion of my intended purchase.

He said that in his experience and to save me at lot of time and money to buy a good Fender bass. He explained that a bass needed to sit perfectly in the mix, that it needed a tonal sound that fitted in with the band and that a sound engineer could set up quickly and easily. He explained to me what he would by and why. His advice has always stayed with me and even thought I have owned many high end basses such as Alembics. He was so right all those years ago and so my bass collection consist of mainly Fender, Musicman and a few Rickenbacker bass guitars as these are the one that I have kept. Under other basses section I will list the other brands of basses that I have.

My second instrument is electric guitar and my preferred instruments have again been the major brand names such as Fender, Gibson and Gretsch. My favorite guitar is a Gibson Les Paul which is down to seeing Mick Ronson in David Bowie’s Spiders from Mars band playing his Les Paul Custom with a sound and look that has influenced a generation of guitarists. So my collection consists of mainly Gibson Les Paul’s.

Over the years guitars and basses that I bought have had to be in first rate condition, but more importantly they must sound good and play well.If any changes have been made on the instrument by me or where I have been told this by the previous owner then these facts have been disclosed in the description.Some of the items listed I have bought as collector’s pieces so are in fact brand new and have not been used in a live or studio situation.

How to buy

I operate on a personal appointment basis only so that you have my attention and you can discuss in detail your purchase of your next bass, guitar, amp or cabinet. All Items are in storage so if you are interested in looking at a item then I will need to know in advance so I can ensure that the items are ready for you to view. I feel it is important to see, hear and play your intended purchase as I have done all my life. This way you can be confident that you have made the right purchase and have an instrument that suits your needs. I can answer your questions personally and you can view and try out the item.

If you require any additional information that is not covered in the listing the please ask and I will send you as much information about the instrument or item that you are interested in that I can.

Payment Options

Cash on collection
Bank transfer
Credit transfer from your bank account


Small items such as accessories, pedals can be sent via Royal mail Special delivery and the cost for this will be quoted on request. Medium items such as guitars and basses are for collection only but in some circumstance it may be possible to ship if agreed prior to sale. All items would be sent fully insured,via UPS with full online tracking. Larger items such as amplifiers and cabinets I do not wish to ship and are for collection only. Shipping costs are in addition to the cost of your guitars or merchandise and will be quoted on request.

Contact us

Contact me via email or telephone to ask a question or to make an appointment view any of my items.

Tel : 07889 912921 | Email : info@myguitars4u.com

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