Bass Cabinets

The bass cabinets that I have used over the years have been made Ampeg and Trace Elliot which I have used since the early 1980’s. My first name bass cabinet was a Marshall 4 x 12, which in those days was fitted with Celestion G12H 55Hz drivers. These did not give me the clarity or punch I was looking for. So I then progressed to the Ampeg 8 x 10 which was the first real game changer and this with an Ampeg SVT is the best sounding rig to this day. I then decided to get something lighter and then after a visit to Soundwave in Romford Essex purchased the massive Trace 1008 combo (yes I know this was not a great deal lighter but it seemed a good idea at the time) this started me using Trace Elliot cabinets. I then started using Trace Elliot cabinets with mainly big valve amps from Ampeg and Mesa Boogie. I then scaled down using Trace 4 x 10, of which I have owned every model over the years. In terms of 4 x 10 cabinets the Trace cabinets are the best and whether you used these with a big valve amp, transistor or the modern class D amplifiers these cabinets deliver. Listed Here you will find the more recent Trace 1048H cabinets which are tuned to Hz so can handle a low B string with ease, handle 800 watts rms and have a fully adjustable horn. All have been used and all have been check over before listing.

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