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Welcome to myguitars4u.com

myguitars4u.com which is my personal site is set up to sell my own personal instruments and accessories which I have amassed over 40 years of playing. My first idea was to consign my collection to a music shop. They would market and handle all aspects of the sale and simply take a sales commission for selling the items and give me the balance.

So this seemed the best route until I was advised of the many pitfalls of using this approach. These pitfalls included instruments that had not been returned to their owners in the same conditions as when they were consigned, and even worse, stores that had gone into bankruptcy resulting in long delays in the rightful owner getting his instruments back. In some cases musicians never got their instruments back.

So it was decided the best way forward was to create this website. As these are my own instruments the name was easy and it was clear that was I was the best person to help you with the sale of any of these instruments. What was not easy was deciding which instruments that I would like to sell. This was a very painful process as I simply could not decide, each one has a certain sentimental value or a sound that I was trying to achieve at the time. Indeed over the years  I have found that the ageing process contributes enormously to the sound of the instrument and they sound better now than they ever had.This ageing process is very important to the sound as instruments from the same year, same colour and same specifications will sound totally different as two pieces of wood are never identical. So I could always find with plenty of reasons of what to keep. This made it very difficult for me to make any decisions of what guitars that I wished to sell .So the only solution was to list the majority of items so you can have a choice.

I have listed a number of my guitars and basses that I think will interest you. My principle instrument is bass guitar so you will find a large number of Fender basses with a number of Rickenbacker and Musicman bass guitars also

My second instrument is electric guitar and my preferred instruments have again been the major brand names such as Fender, Gibson and Gretsch. So please browse the following items that have given me great pleasure in owning over the years and hopefully you may find something that interests you.

To find out more information on the instruments and to see pictures please use the menu’s above.

You can contact me via email or telephone to ask a question or to make an appointment to view any of my instruments. Or if you are on social media Facebook | Twitter.

Tel : 07889 912921 | Email : info@myguitars4u.com

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