Guitar Amplifiers

Welcome to the Guitar amplifier section of my guitars 4 u. I have owned a varied amount of amplifiers over the years many of which sounded good at the time of purchase but then seeded to lack the things I really wanted. I bought amps to crunch like a Marshall and one to be clean like a Fender, these amplifiers never lasted the course of long term ownership.So these are the ones I have owned long term and they all tend to be from a few well know manufactures. Those manufacturers are Marshall and Fender mainly and of course the Vox AC30. These are the main amplifiers that I have used regularly and I have consistently owned amplifiers from these two companies since 1978. My first serious amplifier was from Fender and that was quickly followed by a Marshall and then by Vox.

I became a big fan of Eddie Van Halen when I first saw him in 1978 at Hammy Odeon so I had to own a Peavey 5150 which I find is an absolute monster of an amp. In my youth I also owned various Hi Watt amplifiers, which I regret selling even all these years on. So when British made Hi watts came back on the market I bought one. This amp is one of the few amplifiers that I have owned which has a great, as good as Fender clean sound and also can do all the crunch and modern day sounds that you would want. My Favourite clean amps are the Fender Twin Reverb and really that is probably all I really needed. When I purchased the 94 Fender Twin I had finally found the amp I was looking for with the High gain of a Mesa Boogie and the clean sounds only a Fender can give. So here are my Favourite amplifiers that are all looking for a new home.

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