Other Basses

In this section you will find basses from manufactures other that Fender, Musicman and Rickenbacker. These are very low on the ground at the moment as I have not decided which ones I will sell and which one that I wish to sell. So if you are interested please check back on this section as I will list these when I get time.

The bass in this section is a Bass Collection Jive Bass which is made for the Bass centre owner Barry Moorehouse to his specification in the best Korean  factory. These basses are really fantastic and has made basses for Bruce Thomas, Leo Lyons(check out Leo work with 10 years after) and the bass master Norman Watt-Roy (check out the album Faith & Grace and his web site normanwattroy.com). The Bass has been heavily modified to my specification and but at the price it simply cannot be beaten if you are looking for a great low cost bass.

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