1985 Fender Jazz Bass Japan Sunburst Black Guard Rosewood Neck


1985 Fender Jazz Bass Japan finished in Sunburst with a black guard and rosewood neck with block inlays. Made at the famous Fuji Gen plant in Japan for Fender in 1985 in totally mint condition.

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1985 Fender Jazz Bass Japan finished in Sunburst with a black guard and rosewood neck with block inlays.

This bass is quite rare and it was produced by the famous Fuji Gen plant in Japan for Fender in 1985. This is the factory that made the JV vintage Fender Squier guitars in 1982 for Fender. Fender had ceased production of new USA made items by the end of 1984 and all production of new guitars was moved offshore. So what could you buy in 1985 that was new from Fender if you wanted a classic Jazz bass, The sad truth was nothing. By 1982 Fender had dropped using the block inlays and binding from the Jazz Bass model, the pickup covers were also a thing of the past. The Jazz basses that Fender were putting out in the mid 1980 were simply assembled from left over parts from factory inventory. This was sadly where Fender basses were at and it was no surprise that Fender was losing $10 million dollars a year. An equally no surprise that custom built basses dominated the bass market and Fender were struggling.

The 1985 Bill Schultz management buyout of Fender did not include any factory production unit. Fender needed exceptional quality instruments to save their reputation and save the immense loses. So they contracted the Fuji Gen plant to make a range of Fender guitar and basses until Americian production was up and running.

The Jazz bass that Fender contracted Fuji Gen plant in Japan to make and the one you see here is based on the 1974 Jazz Bass model. Fender wanted a bass with all the features that they were not currently offering and the market place demanded. So The specification for this bass features a bound rosewood neck with block inlays with a bullet truss rod system. The bass is finished in the classic 3 tone sunburst with a black guard and the thumb rest on the treble side. It also reintroduced both chrome pick up covers. This bass simply has all the features that bass players would desire form a Fender Jazz Bass. This Jazz Bass really shows Japanese production and quality control at it’s best.  The neck is straight with a very low fast action and is very comfortable to play. More importantly this bass has the feel of a real 1970’s Jazz bass. The body is made from three piece ash which weighs just under 10 lbs. This bass is in totally immaculate condition and i have kept this and use it at home only. This is a close as you will get to buying a brand new 74 Jazz bass.

Sound wise this is a real classic punchy Jazz Bass.By simply slightly backing off of the neck pickups volume control to zero with the bridge pick up only on you get all the classic Fender Jaco style bite Roll the tone control off and back off the neck pickup and you have all the Motown sound. These Japanese Fender basses from this era are nothing short of exceptional. This bass is in full investment grade condition and is in as new condition and is a great playing 31 year old instrument. I have posted some extra photos of this superb instrument.

Additional information


Fender Japan


Jazz Bass

Year Produced

1985 in Japan


Immaculate as new




Rosewood neck


Passive original Jazz bass pickups


Both covers and thumb rest


9.98 lbs


Gig bag


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