2012 Bass Collection Jive Bass Rosewood Neck Uprated to My Specs


2012 Bass collection Jive bass finished in King Crimson red with matching headstock which has been uprated to my specifications. Consisting of a set of Fender Silver lace Jazz pickups, Badass 11 bridge,62 stack knob jazz controls with concentric pots, Mallory 150 caps and Switchcraft jack.

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2012 Bass collection Jive bass finished in King Crimson red with matching headstock.

The man behind the Bass collection basses is none other than Mr Barry Moorhouse who set up the world Famous Bass centre in London. This was the place to buy gear in the mid 1980’s early 1990’s. The Bass centre in Wapping was the Mecca that I would visit as it was full of Vintage and custom made basses to die for.It revolutionised the way bass guitars were sold and I knew that if it was worth owning then Barry at the bass centre would have it in stock. This shop will never be equaled and Barry certainly knew his basses along with the great staff that he employed.

Everyone wants a world class bass but does not want to pay the earth for it and when I saw these basses at the London bass show I was completely knocked out with the quality of these instruments. Barry has made these to his exact specification and for the jive basses the specification is taken from the best pre CBS Jazz basses that has passed though his hands over the years. He has included all the important features that most players would want in the Jive series basses.

The thing I loved about this bass is the Bass Centre’s own satin finished “Super Slim 60’s” Jazz Bass neck profile which is significantly slimmer than the classic “C” shape. So I bought the Bass and used it and loved it. So I decided to put a set of my favourite modern pickups on it, A set of Fender Silver lace Jazz pickups, I also put an a Badass 11 bridge and whist Bill Puplett was at It I got him to change all the control fittings to 62 Stack Knob jazz with concentric pots, fit Mallory 150 caps and Switchcraft jack. The colour is very close to a vintage candy apple red Jazz bass and Barry has put on an aged minty green white scratch plate that under light looks amazing. He has also made these basses super light and this one weighs just under 9 lbs.

Fender Silver Lace sensor designed to duplicate an early Fender single coil Jazz pickups.Lace uses a unique radiant Field Barrier system that surrounds both the coil and magnets, reducing annoying 60-cycle hum. The patented Lace Micro Combs replace traditional bobbins, yielding a wider tonal range and better string balance than traditional pickups. So you get all classic Vintage Jazz bass tone without the hum and reduced noise and more harmonics. So that is around £130 worth of pickups.

Badass 11 bridge

Leo Quan high mass bridge provides the most efficient sound transfer for tremendous increase in attack, sustain and clarity of notes, without changing the tone of the wood. Sadly these bridges are no longer in production but are the best in my opinion. Sound wise this bass has it all from warm smooth Jazz bass tone through the classic punchy Jazz tone. If you select just the bridge pick up you get all the classic Jazz bass Jaco tone. The wood of this bass has a nice midrange quality to it and once you play this you will understand why this had been one of my main basses. The bass comes with the original Bass collection gig bag and for the money is a fantastic sounding instrument that will not be bettered at this price.

Condition is as new with no dents marks or scratches.

Additional information


Bass Collection


Jive Bass

Year Produced

2012 in Korea


As New


King crimson red-candy apple red style




Passive Fender lace sensor Jazz bass pickups


uprated with Fender dual concentric pots Badass 11 Bridge


8.96 lbs


Bass collection gig bag


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