Trace Elliot AH150 Series 5 & Trace Elliot 1048H 4 x 10 Bass Rig


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Here we have my Trace Elliot AH 150 series 5 bass amplifier head and modern Trace Elliot 1048H 4 x 10 cabinet. This Rig has been with me on gigs that range from large outdoor festivals to London club and pubs gigs and has always delivered great sound and never let me down.

The series 5 range was the last series of the Trace Elliot bass amps to use the Hitachi mosfets output board as Hitachi ceased production of these high quality units. This is the reason why this amplifier sounds so good and why these outperform the later models in terms of volume and clarity. I am still in touch with some of the Ex Trace Elliot design team and their view is that the amps fitted with these mosfets are the best sounding Trace ever produced.

AH150 Head

These amplifier features the GP11 preamp with 11 band graphic and level control. Input gain selection for active or passive basses. The amp has Eq in and mid shape switches for instant tone shaping. Noise reduction circuit, DI with pre and post EQ, Send and return jacks, line in pre amp link, link low level signal out, high level line out(for linking multiple trace amps). 150 watts rms peak music power 300 watts.

Condition of Head

The amplifier is in pristine condition for the year and has amplifier has been fully serviced before listing and everything works as it should.The head comes with the footswitch and original vinyl cover.The amp produces 150 watts into 4 ohms, these are loud enough for large pub gigs with a 4 x 10 8 ohm Trace cabinets. It has 2 speaker outputs, excellent DI and classic Funky Classic Trace sound.

Trace Elliot 1048H 4 x 10 cabinet

The Trace Elliot bass cabinets are legendary for build quality and the 4 x 10 has become the industry standard 4 x 10 and is considered the best on the market. This is the later style cabinet which can be identified by the horn set in the middle of the cabinet. These have a number of advantages over the old style 1048 cabinet which is why I switched over to these. The handling is 800 watts rms into 8 ohms as compared to 320 watts of the old Trace 1048. So with these you can use a single cabinet with high powered amplifiers such as Ampeg SVT, Hi Watt 200, Fender Super Bassman and Mesa Boogie amps such as the 400 plus valve heads. This cabinet can also be used with the new range of new class D type 500 watts amplifiers made by Mark, TC electronic and Vanderkley.

This cabinet is tuned to 40 HZ it and has a frequency response of 35HZ to 15 KHZ. This will give you all the bottom end and clarity from a 5 string bass and the snap and punch at the top end. The sound of this cabinet is clear, full and very punchy and even on large gigs this cabinet is all you need. The other feature that I find superb on this cabinet is the variable horn attenuation, unlike many 4 x 10 on the market which simply have an on off or cut frequency switch. This feature worked very well with my Trace 715X combo. I simply switched off the horn on the combo and then added the right amount of treble to suit the bass or sound that you need. The horns variable attenuation was also useful if pubs where the earthling had issues as you could reduce some of the noise. The new Trace 1048H cabinets are made from popular ply which is lighter than birch ply which gives this a great weight saving over the older cabinets.

This Trace Elliot 4 x 10 has been my main gigging cabinet and therefore has some chips and scuff on the vinyl covering all of which can bee seen in the Photos. So cosmetically this is what I would call well used condition the cabinet is full working order and has been fully tested.

Additional information


Trace Elliot


Trace Elliot AH150 S5 Head & 1048H Bass Cabinet


Used with cosmetic scuffs & marks


79.4 lbs

Power handling

800 Watts Rms into 8 Ohms


Two Neutrik® Speakon® and two 1/4″ (6.35mm) jack connectors.


27" x 24" x 17" (H x W x D)


4 x 10, four specially designed 10" Celestion speakers

power output

Amplifier 150 Watts RMS into 4 Ohms


GP11 preamp with 11 band graphic and level control. Input gain selection for active or passive basses


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