1973 Fender Stratocaster Sunburst with Rosewood neck


1973 Fender Stratocaster 3 tone sunburst with rosewood neck which is the best playing and sounding Stratocaster that I have ever owned.

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1973 Fender Stratocaster 3 tone sunburst with rosewood neck. This guitar is the best playing and sounding Strat that I have ever owned . It has the sound as well as the playability that I have not found in other Stratocasters so is the perfect guitar for me and it may be what you are looking for.

The previous owner made a number of changes to this guitar, firstly the nut has been changed to a brass nut, The bridge has been changed to a brass tail piece ,the 3 way switch has been changed  to a five way and the pickups have been changed to Di Marzio SDS-1. These pickups are one of the reasons why this guitar sounds so good and the way that it sounded and played was the reason why I bought it. The bar magnets that power the SDS are ceramic, but they sound and feel are very similar to Alnico-equipped soap bar pick ups, partly due to the big steel pole pieces and spacer bar. What these pickups do is adds punch, gain, and warmth but sound like an old set of pickups. They have less magnetic pull than standard rod-magnet pickups, even though the output is very high for a single-coil. This will allow you to get the strings close to the pickups to get a warm clean vintage tone. These combined features result in a really great sounding Fender Stratocaster .

The neck is thin and very easy to play and fit superbly in the hand. The neck has no dings or dents and the frets are in excellent order. The guitar has wear on the edge of the body and wear on the rear of the guitar as shown in the photographs. The back of the guitar is very clean with only slight scratches and no buckle rash. This guitar is very light weighing just 7.32.lbs which makes it very resonant and a joy to play. all the pots are original and date from 1973

This guitar is a great vintage instrument and you could put it back to stock if you wanted to which would increase the value. I have never done this as it is a great guitar as it is, so why change it as this guitar sounds really to me as a Stratocaster should. Indeed everyone who has played this guitar has commented how good it is. The guitar comes with the original case.

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Year Produced

1973 USA


Excellent with less than normal wear for the year


3 tone sunburst with pickup covers aged to a cream




Pickups changed to Di Marzio SDS 1


Standard Fender machine heads


Non Original case.


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