2009 Rickenbacker 4001 C64S Bass Guitar in Mapleglo with Original Case


2009 Rickenbacker 4001 C64S Bass Guitar which was made as an exact reproduction of Paul McCartney 1964 Rickenbacker.

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2009 Rickenbacker 4001 C64S Bass Guitar which is made as an exact reproduction of Paul McCartney 1964 Rickenbacker. I really got back into playing Rickenbacker basses live between 2005 and 2010. So when I heard about this bass being released and being a big fan of Paul’s playing I had to track down and buy one of these brand new. Due to the very low production numbers of this bass, its high price and the high demand for any Beatles associated instrument the result is this bass has become very rare and collectable. So in view of it’s rarity I decided to enjoyed this bass at home, I added it to my collection of basses and never used it live or in the studio,so this bass is in as new condition. This Rickenbacker 4001 C64S is without doubt the best playing and sounding Rickenbacker that I have ever owned and comes with the original silver tolex Rickenbacker hard case with all the paper work unopened.

The 4001 C64s bass is a replica of Paul McCartney’s Rickenbacker which he used with the Beatles and then with Wings and as it finally exists today. The bass is authentic to Paul’s in every detail and covers all the changes that has been made to Paul’s actual bass. The best feature is the reshaped contoured body chamfer which Paul did to prevent the bass’s edge digging into his rib cage. This is a great feature as all Rick players will know that Ricks do dig into your rib cage. It has the period correct ‘horseshoe’ bass pickup with staggered pole pieces and ‘toaster’ treble pick up. A fully laminated neck with striped walnut wings on the headstock. The headstock is the correct way as per Paul’s bass. The bass uses the highest grade maple which runs the full length of the body and gives the bass the clearest tone and the longest sustain. The reissue only differs from the original with regard to the truss rod system as this has the redesigned dual truss rod system permitting the use of round wound strings as standard. The finish is satin Mapleglo as Paul stripped off the original finish on his bass leaving his natural as he felt it sounded better. So the finish replicates this allowing the full sound of the wood to shine though. On this model also Rickenbacker has used a satin sealer-only finish which protects the natural Maple body and neck. This allows the bass to be more resonant and replicates Paul’s finish as it stands today. The rosewood dot fingerboard also is and exact replications of Paul’s bass even down to the zero fret and of course in mono just like Paul’s original.

This bass is very collectable and truly stunning and you will not find another one that is brand new and in unmarked condition.

Additional information




4001 C64S

Year Produced

2009 USA


New-never gigged or used in the studio




Rosewood –Vintage dot inlays


Rickenbacker toaster neck & horseshoe bass pickups with mono input


Rickenbacker Vintage repro machine heads


9.6 lbs


Original Rickenbacker fitted case


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